Soc Trang – Buddhist land and must-visited pagodas

Soc Trang, a peaceful land with the community, of long-standing harmony and association of three ethnic groups, Kinh, Khmer, and Chinese is one of the beautiful and poetic cities in the Mekong Delta.

Bat Pagoda

Bat Pagoda is located at Van Ngoc Chinh Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City, is a typical work for the Southern Buddhist architectural line of Khmer ethnic people in Soc Trang. The pagoda was built around the sixteenth century until now still retains its beauty intact. Especially when traveling to Soc Trang, you will see thousands of quite large bats hanging from trees in plants.

Som Rong Pagoda

Bôtum Vong Sa Som Rong Pagoda, locally also known as Som Rong Pagoda, is located at 367 Ton Duc Thang, Area 2, Ward 5, Soc Trang City. The temple is decorated in Khmer style, combining with modern architectural lines which highlighting the temple. The presence of the temple with the golden tones under the blue sky look splendid and maestro.

The tabletop temple is divided into many different areas, the most prominent being the main hall. Wat Pătum Wongsa Som Rong Temple becomes more poetic in the afternoon, now visitors not only pray for peace, but can take impressive and unique photos.

Chen Kieu Pagoda

Chen Kieu Pagoda also known as Sa Lon Pagoda, one of the ancient temples with unique architecture, located in Dai Tam Commune, My Xuyen District, Soc Trang Province; about 12 km from Soc Trang City’s center towards to Bac Lieu.

The special feature which made this pagoda differed from other ones in Soc Trang is the full-color ceramic dishes, plates, and patterns that are hung on the decorative wall to create an attractive and lively panorama. With abundant architecture, combining three ethnic groups of Kinh, Chinese, Khmer. The pagoda includes many unique features of different ethnic groups, which is a tourist destination of Soc Trang that cannot be missed.

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