Egg coffee – a unique drink of Ha Thanh

Hanoi’s egg coffee has become famous around the world when many tourists come here to enjoy and share on social networks. After beating the eggs, filtered the coffee is boiled and poured into the egg cup to make the eggs float on top. Egg foam mixed with coffee creates an extremely attractive golden brown color.

The creator of this unique egg coffee dish is Nguyen Van Giang, who worked as a concoction for the 5-star Hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole during the French colonial period (1930-1945). Mr. Giang then quit his job and opened a coffee shop naming his own on Cau Go Street, and then moved to No. 7 Hang Gai.

From the cappuccino of the Westerners, Mr. Giang has silently researched a different, cheaper recipe, especially when fresh milk was a scarce commodity in the context of Hanoi at that time. The egg yolks are whipped up, creating the same effect as a genuine capuchino coffee cup.

After beating the eggs, filtered coffee is boiled and poured into the egg cup to make the eggs float on top, looking at the foam mixed with coffee, creating an extremely attractive golden brown color.

In fact, Mr. Giang’s family secret is still adding more to the egg yolks before whisking. Mr. Giang’s relatives revealed that he added more caramel. Someone thought that there must be a little butter and sweetened condensed milk. However, this recipe is still completely confidential to create the flavor of egg coffee at Giang restaurant which is different from other egg café shops in Hanoi. The specialty also lies in the quality of coffee, the way the coffee is made, the ratio between coffee and eggs in one cup, all create a delicious, rich and rare taste.

Formerly, when there was no egg beater, the shop would give each guest a cup of ready-made egg yolks and an investment chopstick, put two small cross-shaped sticks and use both hands to rub the chopsticks to beat up the eggs. Then the owner will pour hot coffee into the cup for guests. Indeed, it is also interesting to drink coffee like that because customers can feel more the delicious taste due to their efforts.

The most correct way to drink coffee eggs is to tilt the cup properly so that both coffee and eggs can be consumed. The aroma of coffee and the fatty taste of custard will startle people with its harmony. Nothing is more pleasant than drinking a cup of egg coffee in the cold winter of Hanoi.


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