Dong Van rocky plateau – gray paradise of high mountains

Dong Van rocky plateau is a rocky mountain area located at an average altitude of 1,400-1,600m above sea level, gradually lower from North to South. That place owns a series of geological and stratigraphic heritages, containing the mark of the development history of the earth’s crust. Along with that are the traditional cultural beauty of the ethnic upland in Ha Giang.

Seeing from above, Dong Van rocky plateau is thorny but no less poetic. This place is also attractive by its unspoiled natural beauty, but no less majestic and has been compared to Ha Long Bay on land.

Dong Van is considered a very special limestone area. There is about 80% limestone area, made up of very different environmental conditions and development stages spanning hundreds of millions of years and contains traces of the development history of the earth’s crust. In addition, the rock plateau also contains many fossils dating 400-600 million years ago.

It is evaluated as full of data on special tectonics, mineral geology, natural conditions and environmental resources along with diverse cultural identities of the ethnic groups living here. Because of that special, Dong Van Stone Plateau is recognized by UNESCO as a global geopark.

Passing through 100km long pass with winding bends, one side is a deep abyss, one side is rocky mountain, in the middle of that scene, the rocky plateau appears majestic in the mist. Ma Pi Leng Pass is a name that makes many people want to be discovered and tried, it is considered the first majestic. Ma Pi Leng connects Dong Van and Meo Vac, lies across the rocky mountain range standing in the sky.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

On beautiful sunny days, you will feel like you are kicking the clouds through the wind and high sky, because at that time the whole pass is covered with white clouds, erasing the whole corner … To enjoy the feeling of standing by the side of the road. , on the side of the mountain that sucks the wind, beside the jagged cliffs, the sunset light falls slightly in the afternoon … It’s simple that Ma Pi Leng makes the enthusiasts who have not come, wish for once, Those who have come, just hope to be able to come here again.

Besides the geological, geomorphological, landscape and landscape values, Dong Van rocky plateau also contains traditional cultural values of the ethnic minorities residing here. This is the place where the H’Mong, Lo Lo, Pu Peo, Dao ethnic groups live together and keep a very unique culture. Each house reported by ethnic people here is surrounded by a stone fence. Terraced fields intermingled with rocks, yellow cabbage flowers alternating with rocks, triangular flowers blooming alternating stones, etc.

Coming to Dong Van rocky plateau, you will feel the beautiful nature of Ha Giang Mountains and forests, beyond words. Come here to feel the gentle and gentle indigenous people, overcoming the difficulties between the harsh and difficult terrain, to create a unique beauty that only Ha Giang has.



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